Fruity Pebble?


Earlier today, Pebble inadvertently leaked the above image of an unknown smartwatch with a color display and a lot of bezel on its website. It seems like it was inadvertent because now it has been replaced by the image of an actual pebble on a person’s wrist. I see what you did there, Pebble.


We’ll find out exactly what Pebble has up their sleeve tomorrow at 10am ET as they’ll be making the official announcement, but word on the street is that some major upgrades have been made to the aging e-paper display and Pebble OS.

The company has been standing firm on marketing Pebble as a simple and unobtrusive notifier with great battery life and not an ” Overpriced Trophy Watch”.  A revamped Pebble has to be welcome news though, even for die-hard supporters who have essentially not seen any major changes for over 2 years, save for a $100 metal case upgrade in the Steel.


Source: 9-to-5-Mac Pebble


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