HTC One M9 outed by @upleaks and then poof, he’s gone

The netizens of the tech world are currently in a frenzy over the revealing videos of the HTC One M9 by posted by leaker @upleaks, who seems to have disappeared shortly after the Twitterverse exploded. The official looking promo videos show off the design and features of HTC’s hotly anticipated followup to last year’s One M8 flagship smartphone. The phone looks completely different from the renders that reputable leaker @evleaks had made public last month. There’s still a chance that these videos don’t represent the final product that will be revealed at MWC next week, but that seems unlikely considering the quality of the videos.

Most of the complaints online seem to stem from the fact at the device’s exterior looks very similar to the M8. In fact the M9 does look almost identical to the M8 except for the larger camera housing and the two-tone coloring of the aluminum body.

Personally, I think the M8 is a pretty device, but HTC may serve its drooping bottom line better by differentiating this new model just a little bit more as the M8 was not a sales home run by any means. HTC seems to be following Apple’s iPhone road map and releasing the One M9 as an “S” version to the One M8. This works for Apple year after year, but HTC doesn’t have quite the market share that Apple does so we’ll have to see what the results look like when it’s all said and done.

Do the leaked videos tell the whole story? HTC’s Jeff Gordon certainly doesn’t want you to think so:

Source: The Verge via @upleaks


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