Samsung Hoping “Six” Sells



We’re a little more than a week out from the official March 1st unveiling of the highly anticipated Galaxy S6, but Samsung and its American carrier partners decided to tickle the world with another teaser image.

The angled, profile shot shows off a display that curves over the side of the device similar to the display found on the Galaxy Note Edge. The rear of the device also looks to be encased in a uniform piece of metal so it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung finally decided to ditch replaceable batteries in favor of a sleeker, chassis. Other than that, it exhibits the same physical home button that’s been a staple of the Galaxy devices for years and hopefully the fingerprint sensor isn’t a partially functioning afterthought this time around.

On the inside, as usual Sammy’s flagship should be packing beastly internals with rumors of a 5.1in. 1440p display and 20MP camera not being far-fetched. Android Lollipop with a healthy serving of TouchWiz should also help it fly through apps. Samsung has never been one to shy away from the specs race when it comes to their iPhone contenders so benchmark geeks should be salivating.

There’s a lot riding on the S6 as Samsung’s sales have been slumping and former employees are questioning the company’s management and design decisions. For now, we can only hope for a revolutionary product. The only thing disconcerting about this whole thing is the terrible tagline.

Source: T-Mobile AT&T Sprint


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