Almost showtime for the Galaxy S6


The closer we get to the March 1 unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the better the leaks get. The physical design of the S6 and S6 Edge have been more or less completely revealed now. The first thing that came to mind looking at the White versions is that they look a lot like the iPhone 6. I am in no way an Apple/iOS fanboy or Android fanboy for that matter, but the resemblance is definitely there and likely will be point of contention between the ongoing mobile device allegiance/trolling war.


When looking looking only at the face of the phones, they don’t look too different from their older sibling, the S5. The rounded corners and Samsung logo look very familiar, but there’s a slight hint that this is a different device based on the shorter and fatter home button. We can only hope that the finger print reader on that button actually works this time. Rumor has it that it will function more like Apple’s print reader where you can hold your finger and don’t have to swipe.


Where it gets really interesting is with the edges of the device. I’m willing to bet that if people were asked what phone this was based only on what the edges look like, most would guess it was an iPhone 6. The look and placement of the speaker grill, usb port, headphone jack, power and volume buttons and even the plastic antennae lines all make me raise an eyebrow. The S6 Edge looks slightly different due to its curved screen, which I’m still not sold on as a feature that’s useful to smartphone users.


The rear of the device doesn’t stray too far from the looks of the Galaxy predecessors, but the major change for better or worse will be Samsung opting for a glass back instead of their trademark plastic or faux leather. Owners of the iPhone 4/4S and the Nexus 4 are probably having flashbacks of their fragile glass-backed devices and cringing. Yes it’ll look very sexy, but who’s going to notice when there’s a big fat case covering the rear?


Overall I think it looks great, but I also wish this had been the design of the S5. It seems that their design process really just got stale with the S5 and their sales numbers proved that most consumers felt that way as well. With the S6, now there’s the risk that smartphone customers will write this device off as nothing more than another iPhone clone which is not an unfounded accusation at this point. Is there more than meets the eye? Remember to tune in to Samsung’s live stream of it’s Unpacked event on March 1st to find out.

Sources: Unbox TherapyTech Times via Steve Hemmerstoffer, all about Samsung


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